Anatolian breeze in your palate.

Turkeyana Restaurant® brings Turkish culture to Arabistana and presents the regional tastes of Anatolia in a way that provides the best experience for its guests. Guests coming to Turkeyana Restaurant® enjoy the Turkish-Arabian culture and experience the time in an intimate atmosphere. Offering a variety of delicacies from every region of Anatolia Turkana Restaurant®, takes care to give guests the feeling was in Turkey. Thus, the guests, the Anatolian breeze in the palate is alive.

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A regional banquet with
Anatolian flavors.

Designed with flavors combining two cultures.

Brand Promise

To present the local flavors of Anatolia with its unique experience.

Brand Location

To present the local cuisine of Turkish cuisine to the guests in the Khamis region of Arabia.


In the logo of Turkeyana Restaurant we were inspired by the crescent and star and we worked in the letter T in an aesthetic way. Inspired by the sword found on the flag of Saudi Arabia, we have customized the letter K. Thus, we have reflected the tastes of Anatolian cuisine in Arabia. When designing the logo of Turkeyana Restaurant, we were inspired by the flag of the two countries.

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those designed.

  • Brand Slogan
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Location
  • Brand Character
  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Diplomats envelope
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  • Cardboard bag
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  • Cufflinks
  • Fountain & Pencil
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Global impact.

Turkeyana Restaurant®, with its 2 language options, presents the delicious recipes of Anatolia to the tables of Saudi Arabia.

Unique experience.

It offers the best experience on every device. Turkeyana Restaurant® has a unique experience in all mobile device models. In this way, he gives his customers what they want.

Clear view.

We’ve provided the easiest to use and simplicity while gaining the clearest look. As a result, the visitors encounter a minimalist and creative appearance when they enter.

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About Working.

Turkeyana Restaurant® is a restaurant serving Turkish cuisine in the Khamis region of Saudi Arabia. By bringing the regional tastes of Anatolia to Arabia, it presents the famous Turkish food culture to the people of the region and its guests.

Working Details.

Project Name: Turkeyana Restaurant
Working Owner: Saeed
Service Model Selected: VisionEX
Working Time: 25 days

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