The freshness of blue, the taste of red.

A unique logo that reflects the unique tastes of Alkarkand. Guests who experience the delicacies of Alkarkand Restaurant refresh their taste understanding and make their time worthwhile in a friendly atmosphere. Alkarkand offers a delicious experience for its guests with its fresh seafood. Reflecting the freshness of the sea on the tables, Alkarkand donates a taste to everyone’s palate with its various fish products. Alkarkand accomplishes all this with flavors that taste the palate.

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The beauty of the sea,
flavors of the table.

It was designed with colors that refresh the taste.


We determined the colors of Alkarkand inspired by sea products. We designed with thoughts that refresh people’s taste. We reflected the logo of Alkarkand with the subliminal technique which reminded the mouth of a fish with two senses that will form the letters A and K. With this perception, the letter A in the front body of the fish, the letter K appeared in the tail. Alkarkand’s letter A was inspired by the sea wave to draw a wave effect. In other letters, we reflected the taste of seafood.

Business Card
Letterhead & DL Envelope
Notepad & CD

those designed.

  • Brand Slogan
  • Brand Story
  • 1 Logo
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Diplomats envelope
  • Company File
  • E-mail Signature
  • Table & Company Flag
  • Watermark
  • Cardboard bag
  • Notepad & Cube Note
  • CD & Cover
  • Keychain & Car Fragrance
  • Rigging
  • Cufflinks
  • Fountain & Pencil
  • Agendas
  • Cup & Mug Cup
  • Napkin & Wet Wipes
  • Shirt
  • Name Badge
  • 2 pieces Vehicle Design
  • Wall Clock
  • Invoice & Waybill
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About Working.

Alkarkand is an active fish restaurant in the Abha region of Saudi Arabia. With their varied menu, they have been serving their guests for a long time. Alkarkand is known for its menu of various seafood dishes.

Working Details.

Project Name: Alkarkand
Owner: Nasser Saeed Alghudaie
Selected Service Model: VisionONE
Working Time: 18 days

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